For contact with the Priesthood and discussion about the Tradition

The Alexandrian Network was created to give space to those who want to know more about the Alexandrian Tradition and to establish contact with the Priesthood. It also serves as a platform other than Facebook. This Network focuses on the teachings and philosophies of Alex and Maxine Sanders and their creation of the Alexandrian Tradition of Witchcraft. Although the network is hosted by the Queensberry line, It is open to all seekers and all Alexandrian Priesthood.


In the past, there were various platforms both exclusively for the use of the Seeker and/or the Priesthood. We created this platform to take the conversations out of Facebook and social media, to do something a bit more exclusive. The network creates a common platform that contains a public area for the interaction of the Priesthood with the Seekers, but also with a private area for initiates only, all in the same network. The Network is accessed through an invitation request only. Please use our contact form below to do so.

For Seekers


Seekers of the Alexandrian Tradition are asked to write the reasons why they want to be part of our Network. We cherish good conversation and we are looking for engaging and fruitful discussions. Please use the message body to write about your reasons for joining the Network. 




Please use the lineage field in the form to state your line in the usual manner (succession of initiates) so that we can give you direct access to our private forums.

Other Groups


Os Corpo Sacerdotal da Tradição Alexandrina da Witchcraft é constituído por Iniciados da Tradição,  consagrados, treinados e dedicados ao trabalho do Circulo. Esta pagina representa as perspectivas da linha de Queensberry. Para mais informações sobre esta linha siga a link ao lado.




The members of the Priesthood of the Alexandrian Tradition are initiated, consecrated, trained and dedicated to the work within the Circle of Witchcraft. This website represents the perspectives of the Queensberry line. For more information about the line, please follow the link.


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