What is a vouch and what is it for? The vouch is used in Traditional Wicca (be it Gardnerian or Alexandrian) to check the validity of a line or initiation. Therefore, in a context of Traditional Wicca, this is an essential process not only for the Initiates within the Tradition but for those outside the Tradition to make sure that claims of legitimacy is indeed correct.


According to tradition, a vouch of initiation is given by another Initiate in the same tradition, who was present at the Initiation ceremony of the person to be verified. For example, if Daniel  seeks to prove (or obtain a vouch) to confirm his initiation to another, then he will have to produce proof or testimony from one of the members of his original coven or one of the initiates who was present in the his initiation. Only those who have been present can attest to the truth of the event. There has been some peculiar behavior regarding this from initiates in the past, and a bad vouch can ruin someone's reputation in an instant, as you would expect. A true vouch must be clear, direct, and based on the personal testimony of an initiation, not personal opinions about the initiate.

There are many who have never gone through the sacred rites of initiation but still think that they can get a vouch by stating some facts that are publicly known about Wicca and manage to deceive those who do not know. As I mentioned, a vouch is only valid when the person who gives it was present at the event and witnessed the initiation or directly knows who did it and differs the vouch to that person.




There are those who for one reason or another, not being initiated, insists on deceiving and try desperately to get vouch. The result is either lies or a vouch that is not valid. I have heard of stories in which the supposed "initiate" produces a vouch from someone who never knew him personally. Again, a true vouch is only valid when given by someone who was personally present at the initiation of the one or the one who asks for the vouch to be given or who directly knows someone who was present at the initiation.

But how does the vouch work? Simple. When information is requested to verify the validity of an initiate (and this can be done by anyone), the Initiate will give the vouch  through direct contact (ie email, address or telephone contact). Usually, nowadays, the personal email of the person giving the vouch is given. This person then responds and gives the vouch. I have heard stories of "initiates" sending in questions to e-mail lists "for beginners only" as proof of their validity and initiation. Mailing lists are neither nor have they ever been proof of anything nor considered valid proof of initiation whatsoever. Others say they are initiated but do not know the name of their Line.

Point 1 - Any legitimate Initiate in the  Alexandrian Tradition, knows what his or her line is. Even before initiation, the initiate will know very well what line they will be initiated into.

Point 2 - For the Queensberry Line, there are only active covens Brazil, USA and South Africa at present .

Point 3 - Anyone who is in doubt, please use the form on our website to verify lineage and legitimate initiates. We will assist where we can. If anyone tells you that they are an initiate of the Queensberry Line in remote parts of Brazil or South Africa be aware that there is only one coven in South Africa, and in Brazil only one in São Paulo and two in  Rio de Janeiro.



We only confirm the initiation status of members of our line (Queensberry Line, including the Boston Line) and of lines that we have direct contact with. If you have any questions, please use our contact form. 


Os Corpo Sacerdotal da Tradição Alexandrina da Witchcraft é constituído por Iniciados da Tradição,  consagrados, treinados e dedicados ao trabalho do Circulo. Esta pagina representa as perspectivas da linha de Queensberry. Para mais informações sobre esta linha siga a link ao lado.




The members of the Priesthood of the Alexandrian Tradition are initiated, consecrated, trained and dedicated to the work within the Circle of Witchcraft. This website represents the perspectives of the Queensberry line. For more information about the line, please follow the link.


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