The Derby Coven is the first Traditional Alexandrian Wiccan Coven to be formed in South Africa. We facilitate Initiation and training as it was given in the original Alexandrian Covens, headed by Alex and Maxine Sanders (The London Coven and the Temple of the Mother and the later groups).


The Lineage of the Derby Coven stems from the Queensberry line of Alexandrian Witchcraft, which has two distinct roots; the Boston Line with the Du Bandia Grasail Coven, and London, with Maxine Sanders. The Priest who formed the Derby Coven was duly initiated, consecrated and dedicated to the works of Witchcraft in Boston, USA, where he also received formal training within the circle.


The Coven is now accepting new candidates to be considered for initiation into the mysteries and subsequent training. Please contact for details and clarification about the application process.


As a training coven, we meet weekly for training and working circles, and also the eight Seasonal Sabbats, connecting us with the rhythm and forces of the cosmos, as well as the inner mystery aspects of the Craft of the Wise. We also focus on aspects of Hermetic pathworking, Qabalah and the Pauline Art of Angelic Magic.




Please note that the following is the protocol for requesting initiation into the Derby Coven and the Queensberry Line of the Alexandrian Tradition of Witchcraft only.



By the time an individual requests initiation and subsequent training in the Alexandrian Tradition, contact with a prospective coven and teacher would have been made, either through one of the Evenings held regularly or through whatever other means.


To request initiation and subsequent training in the Alexandrian Tradition of Witchcraft, you will have to send a formal letter to the prospective coven, containing the history of your own path up to the time of the application. This letter must include which groups you attended and of what tradition if any. It needs to include what your experiences have been within paganism or witchcraft or Wicca, including any teachers or mentors who assisted you in your training, if any.


You will also have to state why you wish to be part of The Alexandrian Tradition – given that there are other forms of witchcraft, paganism, and Wicca available.

The letter will also have to include what it is you think that the Craft can give you, and also what you think you can bring to the Craft


Finally, it has to clearly state in the letter that you wish to be initiated and trained within the Alexandrian Tradition of Witchcraft.


Be aware that although this letter will be read by members of the Priesthood, there are no guarantees of acceptance or consideration of your request.


**Also note that if you are accepted for the pre-initiatory preparation sessions conducted by the Priesthood of the Alexandrian Tradition, you will have to cease any and all magickal or religious practices and activities including participation in other Traditions, Orders and groups, Open or closed rituals, or any other type of occult or witchcraft-related training, with the exception of personal devotional practices. **


Once the request is made, the candidate must be aware that he or she will have to devote themselves exclusively to training within the Alexandrian Tradition. At the moment there is a Coven in Johannesburg - the Derby Coven. Any candidate who is accepted for Initiation will have to travel to the coven at least 3 times per month, unless in a different province, in which case there will be different protocols.  As such, please consider travel plans and the feasibility of them before applying for initiation.


We do not initiate any individual whose profession puts them into contact with death regularly, such as grave diggers, abattoir workers and butchers, and morticians. This regulation does not include medical Doctors. We do not initiate individuals with severe disabilities, either inflicted by accident or by birth. 



Os Corpo Sacerdotal da Tradição Alexandrina da Witchcraft é constituído por Iniciados da Tradição,  consagrados, treinados e dedicados ao trabalho do Circulo. Esta pagina representa as perspectivas da linha de Queensberry. Para mais informações sobre esta linha siga a link ao lado.




The members of the Priesthood of the Alexandrian Tradition are initiated, consecrated, trained and dedicated to the work within the Circle of Witchcraft. This website represents the perspectives of the Queensberry line. For more information about the line, please follow the link.


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