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Trust, Love, Joy and Truth

“…and when we meet again, it should be with Love and Joy and Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.” — Alex Sanders, Alex Sanders Book of the Law, by Daniel McDonald

Some people do have serious trust issues which are deeply rooted in their life story or personality. But many of us, at some point in our lives, may experience similar issues. As evolving spiritual beings, we must learn from these unpleasant challenges and move forward.

Trust, according to Merriam Webster is defined as the “assured reliance” on others “ability, strength or truth…” If this is the definition of trust in a Craft context, then there should never be a reason not to trust anyone who stands beside you in a magic circle which you (and they) have entered in free will. The very concept of “untrustworthy” concerning initiated witches inside a magic circle is insulting at best. Especially when remembering the “perfect” words spoken by the individual at initiation — without which nothing is possible. Perhaps only those who understand these first words can see the wisdom in them. These words contain a valuable lesson and are repeated often enough in an initiate’s incarnation cycle.

Some witches have most certainly had traumatic experiences with misplaced trust in others. However, these experiences should be seen for what they really are — just experiences that we should move away from and not constantly bring into either our sacred and magical practice or the practice of others. The witch should go through it, learn the lesson, but retain only the wisdom. What is a circle made of, if not with trust, love, joy, and truth? No coven of witches can work effectively in an environment in which it is impossible to trust one another.

Trust is trust. Simple as that. If we cannot trust, we cannot consciously acknowledge the other’s truth. Without the acknowledgement of truth, we are incapable of compassion, love, and undeserving of the recognition of the other. There is much wisdom in the simple things, and the Craft is quite simple.

Trust and Love in the context of the Craft are essential. These are the first words. Those who are incapable of compassion are not capable of either Love or Trust.

I was taught that Alexandrian witches should have the privilege of choice. Therefore we should be able to choose whom to trust. If I don’t trust a witch, I do not want them in my circle. If a witch tells me not to trust them, I should listen. My circle is a place of power, love, joy, and truth. Love without trust is hypocritical. Truth without trust is a lie. Joy without trust is pretending. And power without trust is an illusion.

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