“Magic itself is simple and direct, it is the rituals that lead us to acts of magic that require years of student practice and discipline.” – Maxine Sanders

The Alexandrian Tradition is composed of men and women who have dedicated their lives to the Priesthood and service of the Ancient Gods. The structure of the Priesthood of the Tradition remains the same as that observed in the Gardnerian Tradition, but there are a few notable differences.

In the Alexandrian Tradition, degrees indicate the spiritual progression of the individual. Each degree contains its own mysteries to be experienced. The Mysteries are both revealed and discovered. The Alexandrian Tradition of Witchcraft is an initiatory and experiential tradition. This implies that the mysteries will have to be experienced by the individual to be understood and internalized.

One of the fundamental characteristics of the Priesthood is the fact that they should be aspiring to the quality of ‘beauty’. ‘Beauty’ here means ‘a greater  beauty’ applied to everything; The way they speak, the way they compose themselves, the way they behave and the way they work. Experience shows that this is one of the greatest differences between Alexandrian Initiates and the Initiates of other traditions. The initiates who undergo Alexandrian training, should act and behave in a dignified and priestly manner, since they are representatives of the Goddess and God and as such, every step they take should always take this into account.

“Magic itself is simple and direct, it is the rituals that lead us to acts of magic that require years of student practice and discipline.” – Maxine Sanders

In order to cast a Circle properly, takes years of practice and discipline. There are several components in the casting of a circle that have to be taken into account and each moment in this process has to be mastered in a concrete and efficient way. The Magic Circle is one of the most important components of a rite. Without the Circle, none of the work can be done and the Witch who has not been properly trained to do so, will fail. How to cast a Circle and all that this entails, is the work of the first degree. To master this Circle, is the work of subsequent degrees.

At higher grades, there are no profound  “revelations” or “secrets” that make 2 or 3 'special' grades. At these levels, there is only a clearer perception, and accumulation of techniques and responsibilities that are developed and exercised. Philosophically and hermetically, there are levels that are reached,  but evolution never stops and in the end, degrees are only representative of levels of development. The Work is more important than any degree that has been obtained.

Lady Zara and Lord Azaradel (both High Priests of the Alexandrian Tradition) wrote the following in a 1987 text entitled “The Alexandrian Tradition – an Initiatory Way” :


“It is expected that an Alexandrian Initiate can demonstrate magical proficiency and competence in the use of psychic abilities and a complete knowledge of the inner and outer works of ritual practice. This allows a High Priestess or High Priest in the role of Initiator to pass information, ritual protection and power, certain that in this way , the training will not be used in an erroneous or inconsistent manner. It is an integral part of the philosophy of the Alexandrian Tradition that our initiator assumes karmic responsibility for the actions of the initiate after initiation. Therefore, to obtain the degrees of High Priest or High Priestess requires many years of training, dedication, and loyalty. ”


Training in the Alexandrian Tradition of Witchcraft takes several years and depends on the dedication, loyalty and consistency of the work of the Initiate, and whether there is progress or not in his training. Alex Sanders writes in the book “The Alex Sanders Lectures” in Chapter IV titled “The First Degree of Initiation in Wicca”:


“Why does anyone want to be a witch? It is a question that most people ask. Do they seek sensation or home from home or do they really want  or spiritual progression? The answer is that people come for all these reasons. Neither does the reason matter, for one gets out of the Wicca as much as one puts into it. “- Alex Sanders

The training will have to be consistent and complete. Many times Initiates, for the most diverse reasons, cannot complete their training. It is important to emphasize here that even if valid degrees have been obtained, this does not necessarily mean proficiency and complete training. Unfortunately what happens most often is that initiates failed to obtain complete training, or because life circumstances interfered in their course or because their teacher or teacher was simply mediocre.

The High Priesthood should be like “strings on a harp, which produces a clear note, and when played together, sympathy shall form a beautiful symphony” (Alex Sanders, The Alex Sanders Lectures, 1970).


Os Corpo Sacerdotal da Tradição Alexandrina da Witchcraft é constituído por Iniciados da Tradição,  consagrados, treinados e dedicados ao trabalho do Circulo. Esta pagina representa as perspectivas da linha de Queensberry. Para mais informações sobre esta linha siga a link ao lado.




The members of the Priesthood of the Alexandrian Tradition are initiated, consecrated, trained and dedicated to the work within the Circle of Witchcraft. This website represents the perspectives of the Queensberry line. For more information about the line, please follow the link.


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